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Friday, June 1, 2012

Selected Recent Posts Widget

selected recent posts
Sometimes, not all people want to display all the latest postings. They just want to show the latest postings by a particular label or with certain requirements. Therefore, we write this post, explaining how to make selected recent posts widget.

All you have to do first is to read our post about Recent Posts Multifunction Widget. We want you to know that you can do anything with our plugin. You do not need to perform complicated steps to display only selected recent posts. Simply by putting the following tag after <body>

<div class = 'tl-recent' data-width = '250px' data-imgwidth = '72px' data-imgheight = '72px 'data-posts = '5' data-url = 'YOUR-FEEDURI' data-content = '130 '> </ div>

What Should I Do?
The key of this plugin is a data-url. This plugin will get back a list of the postings based on feed Uri. For example, if you want to display recent posts based on a particular label, then use


For more information about feed Uri, you can read our post about Basic Blogger API.

How To Styling Image of Post?
We have provided three important attributes for the image (if you use the second version), namely

data-imgwidth = width of image posting, where by default is 72px.
data-imgheight = height of image posting, where by default is 72px.
data-imgfloat = place your image posting on right or left side. By default is none.

You can set the value of each attribute personalized. We strongly recommend that the width of the image does not exceed the width of the plugin in order to obtain the best results. Here's an example with the best results.

<div class='tl-recent' data-posts='4' data-width='280px' data-imgheight='72' data-imgwidth='72' data-url='your-feed-uri' data-imgfloat='left' data-content='200'></div>

  1. may i ask about 'your-feed-uri' ? i dont know what thats mean.. thanks before..

  2. Hi, Waykambas
    "your-feed-uri" is feed uri of your blog. As example, this site has url http://www.threelas.com, so your-feed-uri of threelas is http://www.threelas.com/feeds/posts/default

    But if you want to show only on selected label, then give /-/your-label behind your-feed-uri. As example, I want to show posts on Science only, then your-feed-uri of threelas is http://www.threelas.com/feeds/posts/default/-/Science