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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Multilabel Recent Posts For Blogger With Threelas Plugin

multi label recent posts for blogger
Based on our experience, many people like multilabel recent posts. Actually, we have created this one several months ago. But now, we have deprecated that source code. And we suggest you to use our plugin.

In this post, we will guide you how to use threelas plugins for make multilabel recent posts. With threelas plugin, you can create so many thing. One of them is selected recent posts.

First, read our post about recent posts multifunction. If you choose our second version, then you can get a lot of style. Basically, this plugin will get information inside your feed Uri. With this basic idea, you can create multilabel recent posts.

What should I do Next?

Simple, let say you have 3 labels. And you want to make multilabel recent posts, where each label show 5 posts. Here is the solution:

<div class='tl-recent' data-imgfloat='left' data-url='your-label1-feedUri' data-posts='5' data-content='130'></div>
<div class='tl-recent' data-imgfloat='left' data-url='your-label2-feedUri' data-posts='5' data-content='130'></div>
<div class='tl-recent' data-imgfloat='left' data-url='your-label3-feedUri' data-posts='5' data-content='130'></div>

Put that code in HTML/Javascript Gadget from your blogger dashboard. Those attributes setting are one of the best set you can choose.

Are just with that simple step?

Yes, you don't have to create anything. We make everything is easy when blogging with blogger. If you like our code, then give us a pizza via below of this page. Please, make everything symbiotic mutualism.

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