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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recent Posts Widget Multifunction For Blogger

SINCE JUNE 6, 2012. WE HAVE DEPRECATED http://for-threelas-site.googlecode.com/files/threelaspluginr-v2.js AND http://for-threelas-site.googlecode.com/files/threelaspluginr-v1.js. IF YOU ARE USING THAT SOURCE CODE, THEN CHANGE IT WITH http://for-threelas-site.googlecode.com/files/threelaspluginr-v2-2.js

example of recent posts widget multifunction
Basically, the types of recent posts is the latest postings from a particular labels. However, how much code that must be made when there are lots of labels. And this is very inconvenient for newbies bloggers. Therefore, we made a recent posts widget multifunction for blogger. So-called multifunction because this widget can generate the latest postings from different labels. In use, the widget is working on HTML5.

This widget was made by Ibnu Syuhada, to bloggers around the world. For those of you who are not expert in javascript, then this is a very good solution. This widget is a development of our previous widgets. Among other things, Multi Labels Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail And Snippet For Blogger,Recent Posts Widget From Feedburner, Multi Labels Recent Posts WidgetGet Powerful of Recent And Related Post Widget Now. And Ibnu Syuhada has implemented a Javascript Blogger API. For those of you who want to learn the Blogger API, please click the Basic Blogger API. We protect this code with the Apache License Version 2.0.


The main step in implementing this widget on your blog is to put the following code before </head>

<script src='http://www.google.com/jsapi' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>
      google.load("gdata", "1.x", { packages : ["blogger"] });
    </script><script src='http://for-threelas-site.googlecode.com/files/threelaspluginr-v1.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

Then, create a following code after <body>, where the widget is rendered.

<div class = 'tl-recent' data-width = '250px 'data-imgwidth = '72px' data-imgheight = '72px 'data-posts = '5' data-url = 'YOUR-FEEDURI' data-content = '130 '> </ div>

You can make similar tags with different data-url.

Attribute Specification

data-width = width of the widget, where by default is 250px.
data-imgwidth = width of image posting, where by default is 72px.
data-imgheight = height of image posting, where by default is 72px.
data-posts = show how many posts on this widget, where by default is 5.
data-content = show how many characters will displayed. Where by default is 0.
data-url = Feed Uri. This attribute will get feed Uri from a blog posts. To learn how to get more complete feed Uri, you can read our posts on Basic Blogger API.

Our advice, for those of you who have used the Multi Labels Recent Posts widget Widget With Thumbnail And Snippet For Blogger, Feedburner From Recent Posts Widget, Multi Labels Recent Posts Widget, Get Powerful of Recent And Related Post Widget Now to apply this widget. Especially Multi Labels Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail And Snippet For Blogger, because we'll deprecated. This is the first version, we continue to refine this widget. So there will be the next version.

Keep in mind, this widget does not apply (for now) for feed Uri of recent comments. If you want to get the recent comments, please read our post about Recent Comments Gadget for Blogger. If you like our plugins, please send donations to us. Your donation helps us in developing widgets for bloggers.

Update May 30, 2012
Because every body need privacy. Use this url http://for-threelas-site.googlecode.com/files/threelaspluginr-v2.js if you want to use new Version. So we have added new attribute

data-imgfloat = place your image posting on right or left side. By default is none.

We also change the sentence "Plugin by Threelas" with "Get this?". If you want to retrieve all recent posts, then you can set data-url="http://your-site-domain/feeds/posts/default". And the best style for floating image is using data-imgheight = data-imgwidth = '72px'.

Update September 20, 2012
To make all plugin from threelas.com for blogger users easy to access, we will move http://for-threelas-site.googlecode.com/files/threelaspluginr-v2.js to new address http://plugin-codes.googlecode.com/files/threelaspluginr-v2-2.js on Early October. And we will deprecate http://for-threelas-site.googlecode.com/files/threelaspluginr-v2.js. Thank You.

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