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Monday, April 23, 2012

Feedback Widget Professional From Getsatisfaction For Blogger

Getsatisfaction site
Knowing feedback from your visitors to your site is a clever step. As example, if you have been making some change with your site template, then you are really need bug information from your visitors. So that you can enhance your site quality every days.

Make a feedback widget is a clever solution to get the purpose above. But, you don't have troublesome to do that. What you need just register to getsatisfaction.com. The following steps are the way to get feedback widget:

register community in getsatisfaction
3. Fill all questions from the form that provided by getsatisfaction. Our suggestion is use your blog name on getsatisfaction community url for profesionality.
4. If you don't have account in getsatisfaction, then create it
5. Click save
6. After save, then you will see several services from getsatisfaction. Choose feedback widget for now.
7. After you choose that, you will see javascript code of feedback widget, but don't forget to fill your email for notification if visitors give their feedback.
9. Click your blog name on blogger dashboard, then click Layout -> Add Gadget->HTML/Javascript
10. Save feedback widget javascript code in HTML/Javascript gadget.
11. But, it will more good if you put feedback widget javascript code before </body>

Get Satisfaction was born out of Valleyschwag, a lark of an idea for distributing grab bags of leftover promotional goodies.

While initially designed to be a fun and frivolous side project, a surprising number of people signed up for the service, and the proprietors found themselves awash in thousands of customer-service requests. To their amazement, they weren't able to find a suitable, inexpensive, online tool to host their community of customers. So they built one.

The friendly online environment they created encouraged people to answer each others' questions, pitch in to help solve problems, and share all kinds of new ideas about how to improve their product and processes.

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  1. Kunjungan balik Sob. Saya dari Semar Bingung's Weblog. Terimakasih atas kunjungannya dan terimakasih pula karena Sobat telah berkenan menulis komentar di blog saya. Salam.

  2. Frankly speaking we get difficulty to get feedback from the visitor since they visit our blog just read the article and then write their short comments. Only few visitor care about our theme or template.

    Thanks for the tips