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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Important Widgets Are Always Ignored By New Bloggers

important widget as gear to increase traffic of a blog
The ability of a blog is not only showed from its position on search engine. This state is seldom to watched by new bloggers.  So the important widgets are always ignored by new bloggers. Always new bloggers try to find SEO friendly template and promote their blog as hard as possible only. But they are always ignoring the important widgets. May be their blog are on first position of search engine, but tomorrow can’t guarantee. Day by day they get more less visitors even they have good traffic on search engine. Are visitors not seeing their blog? Of course visitors see that, but they don’t want to come. Who are they? They are your previous visitors. But, why the numbers of visitors are always down day by day? Because your previous visitors have so many friends, then they have told anything about your site. How do they tell your site? Via social interaction. We have explained before that social network and search engine is a harmonious couple.

What they causing to do that? Many things, such as never make a good post, never choose a good template, never put important widgets. If you see on Google Analytics, you will find Landing Page, Exit Page, Visitor Flow tools. These tools are to describe the traffics on your blog. Describe how your visitors come to your blog, then surfing on your blog, until they go out from your blog. Don’t let your visitors easy to go out and never come back, we have told this on main steps in blogging.

Ignoring important widgets are one of common mistakes in blogging. New bloggers are always make this mistakes. Important widgets are widget to help visitors surfing your blog. Completing the important widgets will bring positive impact for your blog in the future, and vice versa. The following lists are the important widgets that always Ignoring by new bloggers:

Table of contents widget is a most important widget than the others. This widget has list of posts of a blog. By default, blogger have provided this widget to put on sidebar or footer. But, Google Webmaster has gave suggestion, to each site must have sitemap page. Search engine likes to surf contents of a blog from sitemap. So have sitemap such as table of contents widget to put on sitemap page is very important. But, this widget is always ignored by new bloggers.

Actually, blogger.com have provided pagination tool. But, this pagination is less navigation. This pagination is only driving you from one page to the next page or from one page to the previous page. Visitors want more that. And new bloggers is not always pay attention to this condition. Change this navigation with high quality pagination will make high traffic on your blog. Not surprised, if a blog from blogger.com with high quality pagination can increase the traffic. This is why pagination widget is very important.

May be this widget is always ignored by new bloggers. Having a blog must have high human instinct. Every human is always want to know something big. With put popular posts widget means increase quality of your blog. 

Breadcrumb widget is similar with table of contents widget. The different is breadcrumb able to drive your visitors on one topic. We always see new bloggers never put this widget. They don’t know how important this widget. Ignoring this widget means ignoring search engine.

Human character is always want to know something. Readmore widget is able to exploit human character. So visitors will not go quickly. But new bloggers are always ignoring this widget, so they can’t hold long.

Visitors are not always come for the first time to your blog homepage, especially new visitors. They always come on certain page. When they read your article, and interest with your blog, then the first think in their head is “what recent posts of this blog?” without go to homepage. This character is always founded by new visitors. Recent posts widget with snippet is the best. 

Human want to clear. Meaning, gathering new posts based on categories or labels easier to understand by human. But, from million blog, this widget is always ignored. 

Have you see site with high pagerank? Yup, they always put recommendation widget. This is show how important this widget. New bloggers are always ignoring this widget because they don’t know.

9. Related Pots Widget

This widget is one of important widget. Google, Yahoo, Bing and others have given suggestion to put this widget. For old bloggers this is not new thing. But for new bloggers they don’t know. 

Blog without social interacting meaning is death. Hoping traffic from search engine only is wasting time. Interacting social will increase your blog. Not surprised if Google Webmaster and Google Analytics put social interaction analysis. But you must know about the best social bookmark for your blog.

Add important widget on your blog is not only making high traffic but also make your visitors stay longer on your site.

  1. Postingan yang cukup menarik bak, sebenarnya saya masih penasaran kok blognya sederhana sekali ya ?

    1. Untuk membuat blog ini lebih cepat. Jadi harus sederhana.

    2. Masya Allah, saya juga sempat kagum, beberapa postingan disini tembus dihalaman pertama dengan jumlah pesaing yang fantastis, bak saya mau tanya "toolbar blog" itu seperti apa, dan caranya bagaimana?, dan satu lagi bak, saya dulu pernah pasang komentar berurutan seperti ini, tapi ada bug, jadi saya hapus, kalau buat yang seperti embak bagaimana, saya rasa ini lebih baik ?

  2. nice entri..tambah ilmu..terima kasih

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  4. Wah terima kasih mbak, nih sangat berguna. Heehehehe kpan kpan aku fikirkan lagi mau pasang yang mana. Jgan lupa kunjungan baliknya ya mbak....? Trima ksih.