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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Common Mistake Made By Bloggers In Their Blog Feed

feedburner example
A common mistake made by bloggers in their blog feed address is not optimize it. They only offer the entire post and comments feeds. If you see a site with high pagerank such as google, yahoo, University of Missouri, threelas, offer several feed with specific label to visitors. Learn from those sites, then we optimize it now.

Visitors who are interested in one of the blog will try to get the latest posts from the blog. One way is through subscription to the blog feed. Unfortunately, not all topics are always desired by visitors. Offering postings on a particular label is one solution to avoid these common mistakes.

Because we are talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When we talk about SEO, it is not just talking about the ability of our blog to be on first position of search engines, but also about the ability of bloggers to handle their blog feed.

Bloggers are also advised to register a particular label of their blog feed to feedburner or the other. Because feedburner is offer various ways to subscribe. You can learn how to register a blog feed on recent posts from feedburner.

Handle the blog feed should also be done on the sitemap for search engines. Here are three guides to avoid  common mistake of bloggers in handling their blog feed:

1. Give a specific label blog feed
The blogger can do this by registering to the feedburner feed. The format of blog feed with a certain label is


then offer to visitors. To be more explicit about the blogger feed, we strongly recommend to the bloggers     to read basic google feed and blogger feed.

2. Offer various ways to subscribe the blog feed primarily via email
Blog feed from Blogger.com has minimal ways to offer different ways to subscribe. However, if you use feedburner, so visitors have plenty of ways to subscribe.

3. Optimize feed to the sitemap
Basically, a blog feed from blogger.com users have been registered automatically into the Google Webmaster. However, feed url is still not maximal. Here is the feed url


A common mistake made by blogger is letting it happen. So, optimize your feed url to search engines with


if the amount your posts are excess 1000 then replace with a larger number. This method provides an opportunity for Google to index more pages of your blog.

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  1. hehee...tolong kita di bantu ya,Bu

  2. Some bad things that often happens is that they will not read the post and just looking for the latest post for comments only. I've realized that one thing to consider first is about structured label. That's it.

  3. mengapa ya url blog saya tidak bisa didaftarkan ke feedburner bos,mohon pencerahannya.