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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Table of Contents For Blogger

One of the SEO want to each blog or website is sitemap. Each blog or website must has two sitemap, first is for user, and second is for search engine. Sitemap for blog is always known as table of contents. We have discussed this. But, many of our readers request to provide table of contents that work for posts with multi lable. And now, we have made advanced for table of contents. Like before, this table of contents can collect posts based on label or alphabet. If your post not have label, this table of contents still can work. Remember, your blog must set as public.


What you should to do is just put the code below in your page. See the code below


and also see the picture below where you must put that code

Yup, just that. Your blog has sitemap (table of contents) now. If your blog has more that 999 post, then change 999 to specific value. Don't forget to change YOURSITEURL with your truly site url. To restrict how many post you want to show, change TOTALPOST with specific value, and don't ever try to set TOTALPOST more than your total posts. Click this demo to see the result.

  1. Kalau diganti jadi select box kira-kira untuk menjalankan fungsi displaymessage(N) bagaimana ya? Apa bisa seperti ini:

    <option onclick='displaymessage(0)'>Sort by Label</option>
    <option onclick='displaymessage(1)'>Sort by Post</option>

    Saya mau coba buat yang seperti ini.

    1. Pertanyaan bagus teman, namun saran kami jangan memakai select tag, karena tidak semua browser memiliki kelengkapan atribut select tag. Misalnya saja IE. Karena itu, bila kamu memakai select tag akan sulit mempercantiknya.

  2. Tapi kayaknya ga apapapa deh: http://www.htmlquick.com/reference/tags/select.html#tagevents

    1. Begini, bila mas mau menggunakan select tag, maka atribut height tidak bisa bekerja di IE. Ini sangat problematik bagi kebanyakan perancang web. Namun, semua keputusan ada di mas taufik.

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