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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Recent Posts Widget From Feedburner

In the previous post, we have a lot to give tutorials about feed such as: table of contents, multi label recent posts, and others. However, you do not we engage in the making. For you are a new blogger would want to do it yourself. We answer, yes. You can do it even in just a few minutes, probably not more than one minute. Interesting is not it? All you need to do is having feedburner account. Yes, maximize the use of feedburner. A feature of feedburner is once you put the script code, then you do not need to change it. You only need to change it from feedburner account. Do not need an expert in javascript. Everything seemed easy for you. You have to do is decorate it with css. The following are the steps to make recent posts widget from feedburner

Previously you must have a Google account. When we published this post, Google has updated its policies, please read it first before having a Google account.

1. Sign in to feedburner if you already have a Google account or sign up if not already own.

2. Enter the address of your bait with the following format

http://www.example.com/feeds/posts/default (atom)
http://www.example.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss (rss)

Consider the following picture

feedburner homepage

After giving the address of the feed, the next step is click Next

3. Give the name of your Feedburner feed, our advice is making a name similar to the name of your blog. Consider the following picture

feedburner name

After naming feedburner feed and click Next

4. Now you already have an account feedburner feed, click Next, then you will go to Gusto pages Get More From Your Feed Traffic Statistics. Click Next, then you now have a feed from feedburner. Consider the following picture

feedburner gusto

5. Then click on Publicize -> BuzzBoost, it will show the following page

feedburner publice buzzboost

6. Next step is to enter the values of the parameters required to make BuzzBoost. If you want the recent posts widget, then choose

  • In the Display item content: Plain Text (ITEM CONTENT FORMAT) and 20 Words (PLAIN TEXT      EXCERPTLENGTH)
  • Number of items to display: 3 until 5 (recommended)
Other values are depending on your taste. Look again at the picture no. 5 above.

6. Click Activate

7. Then you will get the script code to be placed in your blog.

8. On the "Use as a widget in", select Blogger. Then you will go into yours blogger account.

feedburner buzzboost script

9. Select the blog you want and then click Add Widget. Finish. Now you have a recent posts widget from feedburner.

feedburner recent posts widget example
Example of recent posts widget from feedburner with another css

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