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Monday, February 20, 2012

How To Make A Good Posting

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Good posting is the king. Thus, the success of a blog is largely determined by the strength of the post. What must exist in the good post is the answer from user questions. They will come to the internet because they have questions. This means you must be completely familiar with the topic of your post. Because people are familiar with a particular topic will know what's going to be questioned by the user.

If you want to make a good post then think about the theme of your post first, not the title, after making a post and then think about the title. From the results of our survey, a post should at least contain the following elements:

1. Background
2. Problems
3. Solutions

Users are happy with a post that can explain the background of their questions. These can increase the confidence of users to your site. Because of it offers the quality of the posts and good service. Make a fresh post with these elements. Avoid the use of words that are not ethical.

As we have explained above, you should really understand the topic of your post, thus making the title right on target. For example, people who are familiar with SEO would write a question in the search box with the word SEO, rather than with the words Search Engine Optimizing. If you understand the topic, then you will prefer to write a title with the word SEO. This method is very effective for search engines to crawl your site. There are two good ways to respond to this issue, which is examining the keywords using Google Adwords and using <abbr> or <acronym> tags

<abbr title="Search Optimizing> Engine SEO </ abbr>


<acronym title="Search Optimizing> Engine SEO </ acronym>

The function of these tags help search engines understand the meaning of SEO that is in your posting. Make your posts easy to read and avoid using words without paragraph, subheading or spatial separation.

From what we have just described, you are required to make a post, addressed to a human as a user, not to search engines. So do not use keywords that are not needed. Try not to use hidden text.

We strongly recommend that you include images that describe the content of your post. But avoiding the use of few words but has a lot of pictures. Describe the contents of your image in your post if necessary. As well, do not forget to add alt attributes on <img> tag. If you embed video on your post so it would be a plus.

Navigation in a good post is also a plus. For example, by providing an anchor tag on certain words that link to the page of posting to another page of your blog. Provide links to other sites is also not a problem, but try to link it to a trusted site like Wikipedia. Do not ever in your post there are many links out of your site instead of links between the pages of your site. So your post is not considered a hazardous site but as a good posting.

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