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Monday, January 2, 2012

Pep Is Replacement Candidate Of Ferguson

pep guardiola
Pep Guardiola
Sign in early 2012, finally Ferguson said when he will retire. The most successful coaches in the country's Queen Elizabeth will continue to care for Manchester United until three years into the future. Ferguson wants his side can maintain its reputation, especially the Red Devils defeat from Blackburn at the end of 2011 ago.

"I feel I have three more years in this club. If continue to be healthy, enjoy this job and get an inner satisfaction from this team in doing the best," said Ferguson. We have new players who joined United, like Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Ashley Young, and Danny Welbeck, and they all have not felt a degree, "he added.

However, Ferguson admitted there is a fatal mistake made ​​by ManUtd so far. ManUtd not let lose so far. For him, the defeat ManUtd from some event and eliminated from the Champions League this season is normal. "You will not always win. Many people who might judge us as a true champion. However, I think we were a good loser. You know why? Because we do not let the team always lost," said Ferguson.

After his confession on the official site of ManUtd, bosses are now attracted to Pep Guardiola, Barcelona coach today. Indeed Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, once a leading candidate, but the high officials of ManUtd has assessed Pep is the most appropriate as a replacement for Ferguson. Obviously this is very surprising, because according to Pep via the Tribal, Premier League is very aggressive and usually do not want to play balanced.

"In England stadiums, you breathe in the pure and natural football. I still remember the first time playing at Old Trafford, it's so unbelievable," said Pep. Nonetheless Mourinho is the man who got direct support from Ferguson, besides that Mourinho looks to pull out from Real Madrid at least two years again. Of course, this could provide an opportunity for Mourinho to replace Ferguson.

It is natural that high officials in the ManUtd want Pep, because from a number of matches between Barca with Real Madrid, Barca always wins. On the other hand, the Barca players are really want to be trained by Pep.

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