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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Basic HTTP Protocol

Before we discuss about the blogger api, it will be more valuable if we discuss first about http protocol. Even not for detail, but at least we can understand why we must know http protocol. This part (label) will help you how to making gadget for blogger, of course for your site as well.

Inside internet world, the interaction between client (as example is web browser) and server is managed by http (or maybe https) protocol. This interaction can perform request from client to server or sent the data from client to server. Inside that interaction, its also known http method. When running the protocol, http need several certain method. Several method whic is needed for the next tutorial are GET, POST, , DELETE, OPTION, PUT. Of course, there also another methode, such as HEAD, but this method is not always needed for blogger api. When this post is published, google is using HTTP 1.1 protocol, and it is not impossible when you read our post, google have support another protocol.

As example, say we use browser from google chrome to open  http://putriarisnawati.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default, then browser will doing request to the server (in this case the server is google, because blogspot.com is a part of google). The request will show as follow

GET feeds/posts/default HTTP 1.1
Host: putriarisnawati.blogspot.com

If that site is in server database, then server will respon it with 200 message. See the picture below

http response header

After that, server will sent data of http://putriarisnawati.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default to the client as xml format (but if you use feedburner, xml format will redirect into feedburner format). For more information about this, you can use http://web-sniffer.net as practice.

We hope you can understand about http protocol, we know you need more about this topic, because of that we very suggesting you for explore more about http protocol from wikipedia and explanation about http protocol from w3.org.

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