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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who Is The Most Famous In Cyberspace

poconggg twitter
It has become commonplace when an artist is very famous in cyberspace. Not only an artist, a famous figure (like Barack Obama, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.) can also be a center of public attention. Automatic, their social networking sites will also be very famous. Call it the Britney, who occupy the top position in the social networking google (at this time). And also, it is natural if Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg very famous in social networking site. However, do you believe when they are not the most famous person in cyberspace? Or do you believe when they are not the most phenomenal?

The most famous person in the virtual world and even the most phenomenal in cyberspace at this time was not of the artist. Even people not from Europe or America. But coming from Asia. Not only that, he has so many followers, but he never followed a single person. Extraordinary. He is a student at one of the universities in Indonesia. When you open a twitter with @poconggg, then you will see a page of social networking with the number of followers counted more than 1300000 people and do not follow a single person (Following = 0).

Initially, no one else who knows the identity of @poconggg. Numerous attempts were made by some people to find out his identity. One day someone tries to interview @poconggg, of course, this way failed. Because if it was done by @poconggg then his identity would be revealed. Finally, another way to do. Even held a contest. And in this way to fruition. Someone leaked the identity of the @poconggg. However, since the beginning of leaking secret of @poconggg is when he published a book titled Poconggg Juga Pocong. Within the book, @poconggg mentions a location in South Jakarta. Plus, a number of twitter account (@benakribo, @windyariestanty, @shitlicious) claims are a friend of @poconggg.

After searching, it is known that @poconggg is someone with a twitter account @ariefmuhammad. However, when try to confirmed, @ariefmuhammad account had been replaced with Armuh Yakueb. It is clear who the real actors behind the @pocongg. And the actor was finally admitted, he called Arief Poconggg (Muhammad Arief), after Heru Prayitno (@poconggg friends on facebook) confirmed that @poconggg is Arief.

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