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Monday, December 5, 2011

Britney Popular In G+

Google+ (G+) progression today continues to increase. A number of features are very different from other social networking, causing sharp rise G+ users. However, from the millions of G+ users, today, Britney Spears took first place. Britney recorded have as many as 868787 followers, and have followed 4.732 people. While the second position is occupied by Larry Page, and the fifth position is occupied by Mark Zuckerberg.

top rank google+ users

This statistic is derived from http://socialstatistics.com site, a site that serves to determine the statistics of the G+ users. Britney's career in the entertainment world today is not bright as before, was very popular in social networking G+. It shows the enthusiasm of the fans Britney still remains high, and stay abreast of Britney. Month of July, Britney's followers had dropped drastically to almost not had followers. Almost a week now, followers of Britney has increased. Although, Britney now in the first place, and Britney statistics continue to rise, but the followers of Britney's chart statistics are not too sharp. Even since the day of the week, tends to stabilize. It shows, Britney position can go down.

Another thing with Larry Page, Google co-founder, he took second place with a number of followers (currently) 812772 people, and do not follow a single person on social networking G+, incredible. Even more interesting, Larry Page has never experienced degeneration rankings. In this week, statistical charts of Larry Page tend to linear. This suggests that Larry Page is likely to fill the first position that is currently occupied by Britney. Indeed, in social networks, the artists can not necessarily the most popular. Look, everyone is more like someone that benefit themselves, instead of a mere public figure. And whoever wants to know about google news, and natural that Larry Page is quite popular in G+.

While Mark Zuckerberg, who is currently ranked fifth, has properties similar to Larry Page, WITHOUT FOLLOWING ANY ONE PERSON. Currently, the number of followers of Mark recorded 613451 people. There was no significant difference between Mark and Larry, graphics statistic of Mark also tends to linear. However, it is difficult for Mark to get fourth or third position. Because, Mark must againts Tyra Banks.

  1. How popular she is ! will she release new album ... ??

  2. For matakami:
    We think she only popular for a moment. Even she release new album she will not popular like before

  3. now, celebrities not known by their creations ...
    yet in their true life's rumour, i think .. hehe