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Friday, November 18, 2011

Liverpool-Chelsea Match Romance

match record chelsea-liverpool
Maybe, the match between Chelsea and Liverpool which will take place on 20 November, not just the big game, but the romance game. The reason, Torres had to face Liverpool, the team he had previously defended. In the past, Chelsea had lost to Liverpool. The slump landslide occurred in the winter of November and February when chealse still nurtured by Ancelotti. Still remembered, how Torres and Raul tearing Chelsea's goalkeeper in the past. And this time, Torres and Raul had to defend a team that had defeated them earlier.

Not only that, the game against Liverpool this time, is a barometer for Chelsea in assessing the performance of Andre Villas-Boas. Liverpool are unbeaten for eight games. But the gains remain at Chelsea. Because the Chelsea players had returned unharmed from the international.

Maybe Chelsea will put his trust in senior and experienced players against Liverpool. This is stated by Clive Walker, like what is quoted from the official Chelsea website.

'I think as always at this stage of the season We Are expecting the senior and more experienced players to take control,' he says. 'We have proved a strong outfit Ourselves, who've come through some tough and - to be honest - Sometimes strange times in recent seasons, but have always stuck together. 'Over the next few weeks there are some big games coming up, and I feel We need to display some real solidity and show the other contenders That We mean business. Maybe at this time the manager needs to come up with one or two new ideas to challenge opponents, and not just the rotation system. 'One way to beat teams is to buy the WHO Their players scored against you. I think That Both former Liverpool boys, Fernando Torres and Raul Meireles, Will be chomping at the bit to show They made the right choice. It's a fantastic opportunity to get the best out of Those two. 'I know We may have Didier Drogba available again after suspension and the minor operation on his arm. But I believe We have to keep persisting with Torres and I am sure he will of come good again. 'We Should also be mindful That he is assisting with goals now, he's not even Pls always scoring. Meireles for me is a definite starter too. 'I think Liverpool Will be matched up in our faces with our 4-3-3. They will not sit back. I Know They Lost Their Way at the Spurs were the resource persons and quite badly mauled but I can not see That any previous matches they've played in London Will have a bearing on the tactics for this match. Kenny Dalglish Will pick his team to suit what he thinks on the day. 'He is doing a good, steady job. I think his four summer signings Liverpool have given better stability. While individually excelled They have not, in my view They have all had an impact. Charlie Adam has arguably been the best Addition, but Stewart Downing has Had his moments. 'Andy Carroll Will always be judged on goals and has not made a return yet and there's plenty of time for him. However I'm still not convinced That he is a classic type of player Liverpool.'

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