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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vote Contestants of X-Factor Through Twitter

Like the challenge, seeing action thriller. Know with X-Factor? Likes to watch that event? Now the X-Factor has joined with twitter. So now, twitter change the way you watch The X-Factor. With twitter, now you can get closer to the characters and shows that you like, such as the stars, directors, news anchors, more live-tweet from behind the scenes.

xfactor site

This new way of starting an active next week. Officially, you can vote on 2 November. You can vote for your favorite contestants via Twitter. The results of your vote is officially can affect the results, so you can let the contestants to continue playing or eliminated. How to vote is by following @TheXFactorUSA (https://twitter.com/#!/TheXFactor), and send your vote via Direct Message.

The voices of you will then be calculated, but tweets will not be included in the count.You can also do it through twitter.thexfactorusa.com, so you can do it without having to visit the site of twitter. You are also given a reference number of the judges, hosts, and the last contestant. So you know your options. Join now, and then inform to Simon as you think. 

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