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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Players Of City In Prime Condition Against Manchester United

mancini with ferguson
Manchester United boss praised the skill of Mancini who has handled a difficult situation with Carlos Tevez. "Mancini has been great," asserted Sir Alex. "He's showing his mettle and has done fantastically well. The interesting thing is, Forgetting Carlos played for us - it's nothing to do with Tevez, it's about the decision-making of a manager and handling Situations. I've seen very little praise for him on the subject, it's all centered around what is going to Happen to Tevez. But Mancini has done his job well.

"Management today is quite a complex situation in terms of the type of players you have to deal with," Sir Alex added. "A lot of Them are dominated by agents WHO Buy Their Groceries, do Their travel, polish Their boots. Some agents are pretty Responsible but some Dominate Their lives. So management is not an easy job now. It's different to when i started. It's much more Difficult. "

The boss is fully aware That City's FA Cup semi-final win at Wembley last season helped generate more belief in the blue half of Manchester United's That They can challenge for trophies. "It was a turning point Because They went on to win a trophy for the first time in 35 years. We have all points in life Where We say this is a different life now, whether it's with your job or winning the lottery. We all Pls have points in life it Happens. "

However, the match between Manchester United and Man City on Sunday at 13.30 local time will be a very interesting game. This match will take place at Old Trafford. Because both teams are unbeaten in this season.

Although the current position of MU is ranked second under City. However, Ferguson believes there is still a chance to win. The Reds have already beaten City once this season, in the Community Shield, but the Blues CAME out on top in April's FA Cup semi-finals. United won this fixture 2-1 last term and earned a 0-0 draw at Eastlands. The Reds have failed to win two of last three league outings but Both Those matches were the resource persons away from home and Old Trafford Remains a Fortress. United have not lost there for 18 months and have won 24 of last 25 home games. Take this opportunity to back a home win at decent odds.

On the other hand, Mancini is very confident with the performance of City, because of the 25 players City are in prime condition and no one was injured. City need only a draw against Manchester United, but it is not a mental of City. Win from MU is a necessity for City.

Source: MU and Man City official site.

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