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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Multi Choice Comments For Blogger

multi choice comment for blogger
Increasing competition between blogs and social networking, in fact it is very profitable for bloggers. Because, it led to fierce competition from providers of blogs and social networks should continue to improve its quality. Unfortunately, blogs and social networking is something separate. Few party capable of uniting them. The main interactions that occur among the users of the blog is through the comments field. And to strengthen the interaction between the users of your site, then we make a tutorial about multi choice comments for bloggers.


Previously, we have discussed about making a multi-tab and facebook comment. Live demo of the tutorial you can see from the comment section, we purposely did that so that users can easily keep abreast of all our tutorials. So you are easy to understand. We expect it. The difference is, you must replace the entire contents of <div id='first'>, <div id='second'>. Replace contents with the comment blogger and facebook. And for <div id='third'> you can delete.


(Caution: we use standard templates from blogger.com) The first step is to put the javascript code in the code below before . Or, you can also do it in (of course you already know the Edit HTML tab on bloggers, right).


Step two, put the following css code before ]]></b:skin> you can change the model and color, how to replace it you can learn through the tutorial css.


The third step, find the following code


That code is for display the comments bloggers, replace that code with the following code


then save. Look at your handiwork. Now you have two choices for comment. It's like a yahoo site that has two commentary options. One thing you must know, we design this tutorial for each post. So it will not show if page is not on a post page. Make sure, that you have choose Comments (on Setting tab -> Comments) is Show, Comment Form Placement is Embedded below post.

  1. To Bayu, this is the demo of multi choice comments for blogger, if you see the tab, then you will see comment via blogger and via facebook. Enjoy it.

  2. nice tips ... :)

    blognya keren euy ....

  3. Terima kasih mas shinobi. silahkan ikuti terus threelas.com, it's original from threelas.com

  4. yeah this great comment, yesterday i'm visit this web by mobile. i dont know comment-form like this, ,

    this very cool! awesome trick threelas.com :D

    sukses selalu .. :)

  5. Thank yo bayu, actually we don't have much time to taking care threelas for mobile. may be some day.

  6. Untuk Arief, kamu bisa menggunakan google translate yang telah disediakan di blog ini. Terletak di pojok kiri bawah.

  7. For trik blogger:
    If you mean purpose is purposely, then its mean deliberate.

  8. Untuk trik blogger:
    Saya lihat anda tidak menggunakan blogger template original. Tetapi dari pihak ketiga. Biasanya hal itu sering terjadi bila menggunakan pihak ketiga. Tapi, solusinya sangat mudah, periksa dahulu script "ajax.googleapis.com", apakah di blog anda ada lebih dari satu. Bila ya, hapus salah satu, bila masih mengalami problem silahkan tanyakan kembali

  9. Contoh yang sudah jadi ada ga ??? trims

    1. Hai Monoz, terima kasih telah bertanya tentang ini. Sebelumnya kami memiliki fitur ini. Karena saat itu facebook memiliki fitur komentar yang lebih baik dari blogger. Namun, kini kami hanya menggunakan komentar dari blogger. Sebab, blogger telah menyediakan layanan reply. Tutorial ini dapat berjalan dengan baik.