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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Liverpool Draw With MU

Nicely drama occurred in the match Manchester United (MU) and Liverpool. This game took place at Anfield a few minutes ago on this date. Centuries-long dispute between MU with Liverpool is condensed during the game. In the game this time, Steven Gerrard playing from the first time since the match began. However, the strength of both clubs are strong enough to end the game.

Welbeck threaten the Liverpool defense
Welbeck threaten the Liverpool defense (source: manutd.com)

In the first half, MU's star player does not played (Rooney, Nani, Chicharito). Indeed, MU has never won against Liverpool when playing at home of Liverpool (Anfield). Thus, Ferguson must look at strategy games during the tournament.

On the other hand, Gerrard played since the game started. Visible, Liverpool threatened many MU's defense. In the third minute, Gerrard threatened MU defense but was foiled by back off defender of MU. In the tenth minute, MU has replied to Liverpool via Welbeck, but this attempt also failed. In the first half, Lucas (Liverpool) and Ashley Young (MU) has received a yellow card. Until the first half ended, produced a 0-0 draw.

In the second half, the condition of the game starts getting Nicely, hard effort of Liverpool to hit the MU defense looks very strong. Ferdinand and Evra received a yellow card. At minute 53, Suarez is threatening the MU defense, Ferdinand tried to block, but hit a yellow card. Because alleged doing tackles from behind Suarez. Actually no, Ferdinand just stepping on the foot of Suarez, when Suarez tried to pass Ferdinand, but Suarez doing certain actions. So that the referee thought Ferdinand doing tackle from behind Suarez.

The game increasingly dominated by Liverpool. Again and again Liverpool get a corner kick opportunity. So that Liverpool managed to score a goal from a free kick by Gerrard. As a result, Young was replaced by Rooney at minute 69. At minute 69 as well, Park Ji Sung was replaced by Nani. Efforts to balance the game is also done by Ferguson through replacing Phill Jones with Chicharito at minute 76.

Gaming more "romantic", MU effort to balance the position continues to be done. Until finally MU get a corner kick opportunity, which is run by Nani. At this time, and indeed the hallmark of Chicharito are always smart to take a chance, Manchester United managed to score a goal from Chicharito header at minute 81.

Looks like Liverpool did not despair, evident before second half ended, Liverpool threatening MU. Several times the drama of struggle for the ball in front of De Gea happen. Seeing this, Ferguson ordered his team to throw every ball out of the field. So that's 1-1 draw position, and MU has never won from Liverpool at Anfield.

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