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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Facebook For iPad Just For You

facebook for ipad
Finally Facebook (f8) has launched the f8 for the iPad. Thus, you can share, chat, compete, send messages, etc. via a touch of your finger. Results brainchild of Steve Jobs (not long to rest forever) are very popular in nearly all the world. With the iPad, the way you communicate to be different than before. Design an attractive, filled with touch of technology of the future, easy to browse, email, and so forth, it makes a lot of rage iPad.

facebook chat on ipad
In addition, f8 founder, Mark Zuckerberg recognize Steve service that has led him. Regardless, now f8 increasingly touching on every social networking joints.

Use your fingertips to scroll through your News Feed. Give a swipe the screen to page through albums. Pinch to zoom in a picture. Whatever you're up to, using Facebook on your iPad just feels fun. Features a great photo, full slideshow controls, making the experience at f8 through the iPad more enjoyable as well. You do not need to find a game, application, group, list on the iPad. Because they exist in the left menu screen. As in other computer, messages and notices right at the top of the screen. Even for a chat in the iPad can also be done. So, get the app f8 for iPad here.

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