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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Basic Input Output In C++

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In the previous topic about c++, we have learned about the operator. In that example, you see cout and iostream. Those parts are the basic input and output in c++. And this time we learn the basics of input and output.

Iostream is the definition of input and output stream. When we include the iostream library, then we can do input and output of a program.


This command produces output of a program on the screen. cout is always associated with an insertion operator, <<, with operator of this the data that follows thereafter will be processed. You can enter the operator more than once, consider the following example

To note when we use the cout, that the result of court does not produce a new line. So our suggestion to add the code with the endl, consider the following example


This operator is the opposite of the service cout. This operator serves as the input of a program (via keyboard). And every cin always followed by the extraction operator, >>, you need to consider is the type of variables used. If you use double then cin will read it as a double variable.

As with any cout, extraction operators can also be inserted more than one.

above code would require two inputs with variable names are a and b. We can also use cin to input a string. However, when the string is a sentence, then cin can not read it properly. Therefore, the use of getline is very good. Please note, if you use the input string, then you must add the string library.

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  4. There is "cerr << xxx" that is rarely used. Instead of writing to standard output (stdout) as done by "cout << xxx", it writes to standard error (stderr). Very useful when you write a program that needs to separate normal output and error message.

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      Once again, thank you for your share. In this post, we explain how to use cout and cin. And those must doing by us. Because it's for help others to learn c++ from basic until expert. We know someone need more. But we have a limit for time. So what we hope from others with this blog is as a place for share.