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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Varian Of Virus Attack Social Networking

Tumult engulfing social networking in Indonesia, today reported to have detected a new variant virus type attack a large number of social networking. Among facebook and twitter, because the two social networking is the most used in Indonesia. And, did not rule out attacking other social networking include blogs around the world.

report virus in facebook by rahmat

This report we got from vivanews.com's vlog, and written by Rahmat Rusdianto (http://review-newgadget.blogspot.com/). He is aware have been attacked by a virus while doing maintenance on his laptop. It is known that the laptop got a virus a new type of variant. How its spread varies, ranging from CDs, USB, Internet, to social networking.

Comments in social networking that involves links included strange messages, with the aim that the user clicks the link. One name that is Click1 virus (worm or rootkit). Because as we write this type of virus is still new, so there is no antidote. For those of you who find this virus immediately notify to the antivirus makers.

For users of blogs or social networks, sometimes involving both, make sure you enforce moderation. Reject an odd comment and contains links.

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