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Friday, September 9, 2011

More 100 Million Twitter Users Are Active

Twitter users are now said to have reached 100 million (may be more). Within five years of twitter has managed to do that. Their users are very active, but the solid simplicity makes twitter as a social networking ports are much in demand. More than half of use, every day go to twitter and then find what they want around the world.

Approximately 40% of users, enter easily into a twitter account and then listen to what is happening around the world. Twitter is a close friend google, google because it's a lot of tools can be combined with twitter. It's one of its own value of twitter.

dalailama twitter

Reportedly, current world leaders to make contact via twitter to their constituencies. One is @JuliaGillard in Australia, Mayors @CoryBooker of Newark, including @DalaiLama.

Twitter is also used for good, one of them that are hot, disaster Hurricane Irene, such as @FEMA and @redcross. Twitter is also included in the realm of entertainment such as @ConanOBrien. In the realm of information, twitter is also used, such as @WashingtonPost. In fact, the latest and hottest news about politics in Indonesia is also active on the air through a twitter at @tvOneNews. Twitter also will support 17 languages ​​in the world: Hindi, Filipino, Malay and Simplified and Traditional Chinese in the coming weeks.

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