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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Debt Make Barca Future Very Difficult

javier faus
Javier Faus (fcbarcelona.cat)
Barca's financial situation is still not showing the safe zone. Debt owned club with millions of stars is quite fantastic. Although a number of businesses allegedly have lowered debt, but the Vice President of Finance, Javier Faus, at a conference on Wednesday, said Barca remain on track safely. Barca consequently difficult to determine its future.

"We Followed an austere line, we're committed to growth and we've reduced the debt, but we're still in a delicate situation. The debt is still too high for us to be Able to dictate our future. We can 't afford to owe so much money to the bank, and We need to generate more income "Faus said. As a result, so that Barca can easily determine his future with the good, then the debt Barca at least 200 million, not 364 million.
Faus want, that Barca do not rely on many banks. Debt is down only 15.5% was located on the right path, but the number of debt which was originally 430 million to 360 million become a bad news.

Barca 2010/2011 season has actually suffered a loss of 9.3 million Euros. Nevertheless, Faus has one of pride, namely Barca scored a record high revenues throughout the Spanish football history, 473 million Euros.

A mature plan, Barca should take advantage of up to 20.1 million Euros, and with revenues 461.1 million, and the cost of 430.2 million. For that, Faus stated there should be cost reduction. The agreement with Qatar Sports Investment led to increased revenue marketing area. And this is the cause of cost reduction. The vice president indicated, however, that the Club "will continue Trying to Reduced overall spending", focusing particularly on wages of the Various sections, the which have Increased by 20% in four years (and Those of football only 6%).

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