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Monday, September 12, 2011

Bepe Statement Regarding Meeting With Riedl

Polemics in the body of the All Indonesia Football Association (PSSI : read in Indonesia) heats up. Post a comment from coach Wim Reijsbergen who blame the player for a whopping two times in a row and vulgarity, was rumored to have 7 players of the senior national team, reluctantly trained by Wim.

Inevitably, PSSI coach finally rebuked the country's windmills. However, the warning was only a reminder to Wim order to use more polite language. Indeed, this polemic is very dangerous, because Indonesia still have to compete for the pre world cup. If this continues, it will be a big loss for Indonesia.

Meanwhile, amid the hustle and bustle among coaches with players, it is known a number of players (bepe, Firman Utina, Markus Horison) came to see former coach Alfred Riedl. They met at one of the caf├ęs of the Plaza Senayan. The result, PSSI plans to call them because they can disturb the atmosphere. However, in a personal site bepe (http://bambangpamungkas20.com) states that "In the briefing was not an iota of the words of Alfred the WHO seem to Provoke us to fight Wim Rijsbergen, Such as the assumption of Thriving in the Wider Community . The news seven national players, the WHO claimed not want to play under coach Wim Rijsbergen, in truth has Happened since the night after the match date Sept. 6. Our own only being met with Alfred and Wolfgang on the 7th of September, the afternoon .."

This at least illustrates that the management of PSSI is still far of the expected. They are easy to hit the player. However, "The color of the flag and emblem of Garuda That Will Never Change Forever", said bepe.