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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twitter For Good

book of twitter for good
Twitter today announced it will release a new book. The book that explains how to change the social world through a single tweet. The author Clair Diaz Ortiz stated that the book is titled Twitter For Good will be released on September 6 next. Similarly, as what was quoted by the http://clairediazortiz.com.

Clair is the person responsible for social innovation in twitter. She writes about business, marketing, and a force for good on twitter. As it is known that many individuals are trying to express something through social networks like twitter. Since the deployment of conscience over social networking proved to be effective. Even a particular organization such as political parties also take advantage of this social networking.

Not only that, large companies now aggressively to provide social networking channels to its customers. So that they can easily and quickly find out the latest news and heated discussions therein.

Although it has its own advantages in social networking, social networking but also have harmful effects. Because the riots that occurred in the UK very quickly spread because of social networking. However, who wants to be stressed by Clair is not a side effect of social networking as it did in Britain. Clair wanted to convey how to build awareness of social influence for good. Because many of the twitter users really need the guidance and instruction in the use of twitter platform. So that they can use Twitter to the fullest. For those of you who want to get reviews of books Twitter For Good for use on the blog, you can register in advance at http://clairediazortiz.com. Nevertheless, for those who want to immediately buy the book you can order it through amazon.com, the price of the book is $ 16.13. The price is still in its promos. While the original price of the book is $ 24.95.

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