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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Social Networks Accelerating Rate of Riots

riots in england
Riots in England (kompas.com)
Riots in the UK prove self-control of Britons have been inadequate. Serenity and beauty of England even become one of the destinations is one feature of the British empire as a country, do not represent the soul of its citizens.

From what is happening in a number of countries that have experienced riots, shows the actual attitude of citizens is not controlled anarchy. However, only restrained by a restraint rule attitude. When the time has come then it can be ascertained riots occurred.

Regulation of the curb is very necessary to restrict the behavior of citizens. However, the next step is paramount. Namely self-coaching lessons. In this way, the smart residents would be able to control themselves and use common sense as well.

Regulatory conditions that are common to curb human nature made ​​by a state. The goal is a lot, even gave a state leader also used the rule of law.

However, an important step from a riot is a lie of how its spread. If delivery of the riots in the ancient times is represented by a number of groups that blend in together with society, it is today does just that. Social networking to be one of the most effective machine staged a riot.

So when the riots, the first step but it is very extreme which is blocking the path of social networking. Although there will be a reaction, but at least do not spread too quickly. And the security apparatus would be faster to handle it.

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