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Friday, August 12, 2011

Maintenance Blog

It is important we convey this topic, especially for the beginner bloggers. A good blog is not only according to its users but also by search engines. We recommend that you perform regular maintenance. The following are the tools that you must use maintenance to your blog.


Validator tool is very important to know that the scripts web / blog we are compliant with the W3C. Previously we have discussed this on a post before blogging, that if the scripts from your blog or website does not follow W3C developments likely performance or a web blog you are not going well.

Check links

This is the most important of the many maintenance tool blog. Because if you have a broken link, then you will lose rankings on google search engine. Besides, if you want an affiliation with google adsense, so your blog does not have a broken link. How do you know that you do not have a broken link, then checklink is the tool.

Using 404 Widget

No rule you have a blog that has a broken link. Why a lot of, for example, you delete one of your web page or post. For that, it is essential to inform users and search engines about pages missing. Use the 404 widget to your blog. Then select the language you want. Then save the HTML / JavaScript before the tag </ body>. Do not forget to replace http://www.example.com with your site address.

page 404 widget


Very often we see a blog or a website that is very long when opened. If users find a site like this then tends to immediately leave the site. So there is a good idea to test how quickly your page is opened. Please use the stopwatch for the purpose.

update August 26

We think there are still incomplete step. Why? because you don't won't your site become a malware, right? Don't let google detect it in google webmaster. So we must know it as soon as possible. Fortunately, google give a tool for that. Please check your site from http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=yoursite.com and know you can check anytime from internet.

  1. terima kasih atas informasinya. he he he

  2. Sama-sama mas aryanto. Kami harap kita dapat saling menopang di SEO