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Monday, August 15, 2011

Asmir Fighting Hard Against Attacks From Chealse

asmir begovic goalkeeper of stoke city
Asmir Begovic (stokecityfc.com)
Stoke City goalkeeper this one is truly amazing. Fighting desperately to maintain the existence of Stoke against any indiscriminate attacks Chealse. Yes, he was the goalkeeper Asmir Begovic. Admirable man on this one. As a result, re Chealse barren record as a team, held 0-0 by Stoke.

Actually, chealse appearances is impressive since the leadership of new coach, Boas. Many excellent opportunities on the part hold chealse. Fernando Torres at the beginning of the game could get a chance to score. However, Torres seems to lose the character of the kick. Ramirez even managed to provide great opportunities for chealse to score earlier than Torres, namely through a corner kick for chealse. But the opportunity was taken Torres failed, for a foul on Stoke keeper. Nevertheless, some of chealse had questioned the referee's decision against the violations committed by Stoke defender. Because the player had kicked Torres, but the referee does not sanction.

chealse attack stoke at second half
Chealse increasing attact at second half (chelseafc.com)

In the second half, chealse increasingly stepped up their attacks, while Stoke forced to accept entertainment from Chealse. In this round, Boas took the decision to replace a number of players that is Nicolas Anelka replaces Florent Malouda, Fernando Torres pulled and replaced by Benayoun, include Didier Drogba to replace Kalou. And had to change a 4-3-3 into 4-diamond-2  in order to make Stoke surrender. And at this moment, the struggle desperately Asmir tested.

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