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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

About 8.7 Million Species On Earth Now

the number species on earth
(cencus of marine life)
The inhabitants of the earth has been successful in the census. Of all known species and investigated, it was concluded that the number of species that inhabit the earth has reached 8.7 million. This figure is far away than previously thought, which is among the range of 3 to 100 million species. The census has been announced by the Census of Marine Life Scientists, dated August 23, 2011. 

Research steps used by these institutions is validation of analytic techniques and innovative. At least this gives an answer to the question scientists for centuries, about the number of species on earth. There are many possibilities that occur. There could be species that have not been censused. Considering human activities can affect the rate of growth of other species. But the census is still being done. "If we do not know the order of magnitude the number of species, how can we plan for the future?" Thus the quoted statement of the co-author Boris Worm of Dalhousie University. 

This study used a pretty interesting approach, namely by using the number of higher taxonomic groups, then the number of species that occupy the earth can be predicted well. The approach accurately predicted a number of groups of species to be studied such as mammals, fish, birds. 

1) ~ 7.77 million species of animals (of the which 953.434 have been described and cataloged) 
2) ~ 298,000 species of plants (of the which 215.644 have been described and cataloged) 
3) ~ 611,000 species of fungi (molds, mushrooms) (of the which 43.271 have been described and 
4) ~ 36.400 species of protozoa (single-cell organisms with animal-like behavior, eg. Movement, 
8.118 of the which have been described and cataloged) 
5) ~ 27.500 species of chromists (including, eg. Brown algae, diatoms, water molds, of the which 
13.033 have been described and cataloged) 

This is a picture for us and do proper planning, in order to maintain the ecosystem balance, preserve the environment for the future. Because the species that exist on earth is beneficial to human survival. For more complete data you can download the cencus of species on earth here.

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