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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sucess And Disappointed Among Google Plus Users

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It seems the cold war between Goole and facebook plus will show a new round. The reason google users now exceeds 18 million. Although still far below the facebook users, but the motion is increasingly threatening facebook. Indeed, since the failure as opposed to google make orkut facebook, google look seriously trying to grab market share social network.

However, the surprising thing happened last Saturday. Where mysteriously, google remove a number of user account names. On the grounds they violate the provisions have been made by google plus. Of course there are happy, that is their rival. And there is anger, which is user google plus. Their anger reasonable, because google does not do prior notice.

Indeed, google plus featuring a major advance in the world of social networking. Namely, the presence Circle facility that allows for users to interact right on target.

However, the way of google in removing a number of google plus account without notification may cause Google to lose the market. And for users, we think you read complete policy of google plus.

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