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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Park Don't Want To Go From Firgie

park ji sung
Park Ji-Sung (wikipedia.org)
Firgie seems determined to retain Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley. To make these players have fun, Firgie will play them all the time. He did not want another club if successfully utilize their expertise. That is quoted from the official website of Manchester United (manutd.com). It seems according to Firgie, both players are still favorable to MU.

On the other hand, rumors were going great. The reason, China's richest club will plan to bring Park Ji Sung to the team Guagzhou Evergrande. The club did not hesitate to pay the salaries Park up to twice that of MU. Xu Jiayin attempted in any way to bring the Park into his club.

However, it was rebuffed by the Park. That he will not leave Manchester United and join the Guagzhou Evergrande. He still wants to joke on the gridiron with United, a team that has defended Park for seven years.

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