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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Facebook Video Chat Still Under Development

video calling facebook under development right now
Video calling facebook under development right now.
Still in the great war against the new enemy, google+, which provides video chat. Now facebook is ready to use his new style. The video calling. You can access this from http://www.facebook.com/videocalling# Facebook is also a serious to expand chat facilities in order to be easily navigable. Facilities include a sidebar that lists the most frequently chat with you. The sidebar adjusts with the size of your browser window, and it automatically appears when the window is wide enough.

multi-person chat facebook
Multi-person chat (facebook.com)
News released by facebook via his official blog says the existence of multiple-person chat facilities. It is the most common means of chat request. When all this time you can only perform two-way chat, now you can chat with a lot of directions. How easy, simply click the Add To Chat Friends, and then select the name of the person you would like to invite chat.
Return to the center of the current fresh talks, video calling. When we check the truth of video calling, it turns out the news is true. Unfortunately at this time the facility was under development. Need we tell you, that for users of the Linux operating system, video calling facility can not be used. Facebook provides only browser from Mozilla, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari. To launch this means video calling, facebook is working with Skype.

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