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Monday, July 18, 2011

The eruption of Mount Lokon Residents Need Help

the eruption of mount lokon
The Eruption of Mount Lokon (vivanews.com)
Once erupted on Sunday at 10:34 CIT (Central Indonesia time) residents in the surrounding mountains Lokon have been relocated to avoid falling victim soul. Previously we have tried to tell this to the people of Indonesia and worldwide, that the mountain Lokon is in alert status. It is possible this mountain would erupt. However, currently the most important thing is to continue to provide assistance to the victims of the eruption Lokon.

The eruption happened yesterday has issued a heat of material as high as 3500 meters from the mouth of the crater. Spontaneous, panicked residents deal with the situation. Actually, the Indonesian government has appealed to residents to immediately evacuate. However, one of the attitude of the citizens are less concerned about such hazards. But, the important for victims now are help from us.


Residents are expected to be patient, do not act recklessly. Because it will only lead to losses for your own. The attitude of mutual cooperation with residents expected to function well. We the people of Indonesia are always ready to help you. Because we are one.

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