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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Before Blogging

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Some people assume that before starting a blog is to choose the type of blog providers that will be used. This assumption is not completely true. It is true, wordpress has a convenience when compared with the blogger. However, many specific techniques or specific widget that can make bloggers parallel with wordpress. The most important before starting a blog is to choose a topic.

When you managed to find the topic of your blog, your next step is to determine the template  of your blog. Use a template that matches with your topic of your blog and try to choose a template that is not too heavy when it loaded.

One of the weaknesses of wordpress is the difficulty of replacing the template. We can only replace the template from the wordpress provider. Whereas when using blogger, you can use template that are not from blogger provider.

However, our suggestion of any blog that you are using should still use the template of your blog provider. On blogger.com you can change the dimensions of the blogs easily via the Design tab. You do not need to change it through the HTML text that has been provided by blogger. In addition, bloggers follow the development of HTML tags. A little mistake to write HTML tags will cause your blog is running slow. However, you do not expect that bloggers have been following all the rules the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), we have tested it. There are some HTML that is not part of the sentence in accordance with the W3C.

Fortunately, using the wordpress, writing HTML errors much less, perhaps only a few. So when compared with the bloggers, wordpress very quickly load the blog page. For those of you wordpress users, if you want to change the template, then you should have a webhosting. One thing you need to consider, if you do not have knowledge of the webmaster then you should NEVER CHANGE YOUR WORDPRESS TEMPLATE. For a good blog or website should have good navigation as well. If your blog does not have good navigation so your blog will lose rankings on search engines.

Some important widgets that must exist when you first create a blog is the blog archives, category archives (label on blogger), the most visited posts, bookmarks, subscribe, follower, and comments. It shows that you are consistent and serious with your blog. Better to add widgets but is consistent rather than add to the widget and then you eliminate them. Therefore, think in advance what type of widgets that you'll use.

Plan activities you post in a week or a month. Do not make a lot of posts and then you vacuum a very long time. It really helps you in increasing your blog ranking. Make sure you have an account on a certain bookmarks that have a high page rank. And never you register your blog on search engines when you first create a blog. Because this involves your blog rankings. By combining your blog on a bookmarking service with a high ranking, your blog will automatically be listed in search engines, despite being under the flag of the bookmark. If you are not an artist, famous politicians, famous scientists, famous people, never blogged about yourself. It will be in vain, my advice if you want to make some sort of blog about yourself you should just use social networking services. Keep your blog contains useful information, how to make something, tutorials and the like with it then your blog will be in demand by many people.

Do not rush to add content to your blog. Try when it will add content to do it regularly. Oh yes, one thing is important, there is no harm if you give the facility a link exchange on your blog. However, there are things to consider, other blogs sometimes provide a link exchange with a particular image. Imagine, if there are 20 link exchange with a specific image is present on your blog, then your blog will run very, very long time.

Because of that, think back in providing the service link exchange on your blog. My advice, if there is indeed want to provide those services, then you should create a new page in your blog, NEVER in your posts. Thus the blog will be running normally, but when you open the page link exchange course it will happen.

Should the paradigm that a link exchange can increase the page rank you need to be reconsidered. Instead, give comments on posts from other blogs. Do not worry, bloggers have to provide backlink facility at the post's comments.

Hopefully this will give what information you should do before starting a blog.    

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